ABSA Express Personal Loan

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Absa Express Loan gives you access to a short-term loan from R1 500 up to R8 000 over a repayment term of 1, 3 or 6 months.

An Express Loan could be the right choice if you:

  • Need to access between R1 500 and R8 000
  • Want a short-term loan payable over 1, 3 or 6 months
  • Earn a minimum income of R1 500 per month
  • Have a bank account into which your salary is deposited
  • Are a South African citizen
  • Have proof of your current residential address, such as a municipality or rates bill

What do you get from ABSA Express Personal Loan?:

  • Affordable Credit Protection Plan to settle the outstanding balance in the case of death, disability or retrenchment
  • Easy payments can be made by debit order
  • Interest is calculated up-front, and charged monthly as a part of the instalment
  • No early settlement penalties for early repayment
  • A loan with a roll-over ability, so you can take up another loan if the first loan is completely repaid

Contact Details: 0860 100 372

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ABSA Express Personal Loan

ABSA Express Personal Loan

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