Capitec Bank Global One

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Capitec Bank introduced a one solution savings account called Global One which provides you with Credit, Transactions and Savings all in one card.

Global One Credit

The Global One Credit is personalized on you credit profile and you affordability, you get up to R 230 000 over 84 months and the money is available immediately.

Global One Save

When you save with Global One you get 4.25 to 8.5% per year, you can choose from Flexible savings and Fixed-term savings

Global One Transact

Making Transactions with Global One you get Zero Purchase Fees world wide, Cash withdrawals for R1 at PnP, Shoprite, Checkers and Boxer tills, Lower ATM withdrawal fees – fixed no matter how much you draw, Remote Banking – bank when it suits you using our Mobile or Internet Banking services.

For More Info

For more information please visit and learn a lot about Capitec Bank.

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Capitect BankGlobal-One

Capitect BankGlobal-One

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