What can you do on fnb.mobi

fnb.mobi it is fnb’s mobile site which delivers exactly what the fnb.co.za website do. But the fnb.mobi site is special because it is only used on mobile phone only.

What can I do on fnb.mobi

You do a lot of things on fnb.mobi here is the list of what you can do:

  • Do FNB Mobile Banking
  • Apply for a Personal Loan
  • Apply for share trading account
  • Play Lotto
  • Check your banking statements
  • Send money via FNB ewallet
  • Get tips on banking
  • Get News and Insights
  • Contact FNB

If you have the latest smart phones you can skip fnb.mobi and download the fnb banking app, which is easy to use and more friendly then fnb.mobi

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